Who are your new Committee

Posted on 18, December 2013

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Who are your new Committee/club news

Chairperson   Harry Harbison   Vice Chair   Andrea Newport

Treasurer       Mary Ryan            Secretary   Breda Mcnamara

Committee Members
Paddy Healy      Gina O’Conor   Marcus Austin             John Reilly
Shona Lynch     Brian Murray     Mairead Coughlan     John Garrett

The Committee have been busy with 2 meetings already held since formation. There are small groups working on various sub-committees such as Social Committee, Recruitment, Club Website, Club Gear, Limerick Gala & Open Water Swimming. If there are any ideas or topics you would like raised with the Committee please feel free to contact any member.

On a more lighter note here are some interesting “swim club” facts about your Committee, but who are we referring to … answers to follow at our Christmas night out.

Is always on time for training
     Has the best tumble-turns
          Is always first out of the changing room after training

Never gets a cramp when swimming
     Has a gear bag full of lost & found from the pool & Kilkee
          Only ever gives 70% when training

Would never swim fast enough to lap anybody
     Hates kicking with fins
          Has no connections with the Troika

Has the most free time of any committee member
     Enjoys the microphone
          Never leaves home without his camera